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2017 Gehl 1640E Skid Loader

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1640E Skid Loader




The 1640E Skid Loader was designed with quality in mind. There are few tasks this loader cannot handle.

* Power-view® lift arm provides strength, durability and excellent view of the tires and sides of the loader

* Universal-style quick-attach system makes attachment changes quick and easy

* Thick steel plating and heavy-duty pins and bushing strengthen the loader for extreme-duty work.

* SAHR (spring-applied, hydraulic release) brake system responds quickly, holding the loader whenever the operator leaves the seat

Rated Operating Capacity (kg) 850 lbs. (386)

Height to Hinge Pin - Fully Raised (mm) 96" (2438)

Overall Width (mm) 35.8" (909)

Standard Specification Tire Size 8.70 x 12


Operator's Cabin

No sacrifice was made to operator comfort or safety in the 1640E Skid Loader.

* Deluxe, high-back seat standard or optional highback suspension seat provide the level of comfort required by any operator

* Unique restraint bar design equipped with Hydraloc system provides enhanced comfort and optimum safety

* Upper, side-corner instrument panel is easily visible from the operator’s seat

* ROPS/FOPS equipped with safety glass side windows, and top and rear windows to eliminate dirt and debris, enhance safety and reduce sound levels

* Standard front and rear work lights allow for enhanced visibility for night-time operation



Ergonomic controls in the 1640E Skid Loader provide smooth loader and attachment operation.

* Hand and foot throttle are standard equipment, providing quieter operation and less fuel consumption

* T-Bar hands-only drive control system



Equipped with a powerful 24-hp (17.9 kW) Yanmar diesel engine, the 1640E Skid Loader can tackle any challenge.

* Liquid-cooled for superior performance in all weather conditions

* Excellent cold weather starting with glow plug assist system

Make Yanmar

Model 3TNV82 Interim Tier IV

Net Power (kW) @ rpm 24 hp (17.9) @ 2400

Maximum Torque @ rpm 68 ft.-lbs. (86) @ 1200

Displacement (L) 81 cu.in. (1.3)



The 1640E provides 10.1 gpm (38.2 L/min) of hydraulic flow powering a variety of attachments to get work done faster.

* Direct-drive hydrostatic pump with self-neutralizing feature provides 100% efficient drive from engine to pump, requiring no maintenance

* Hydraloc™ Automatic Interlock System increases operator safety by locking lift, tilt and drive systems when the operator leaves the seat, raises the restraint bar or turns off the ignition switch

Auxiliary Hydraulics - Standard (L/min) 10.1 gpm (38.2)

High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics - Option (L/min) N/A

Filtration 4 micron

Reservoir Capacity (L) 7.2 gal. (27.3)


Attachment System

A full line of Edge attachments and accessories are designed specifically to fill operators’ needs, making their 1640E the most versatile machine on the job site. Popular attachments are listed below.

A Augers

B Blades

C Brooms

D Grapples

E Pallet Forks

F Scraper

G Snow Removal

H Utility Fork

Full Line of Edge Attachments for 1640E


Lift Arm

Strong lift arm provides strength, durability and excellent view of the tires and sides of the loader for increased precision and safety.



Engineers kept service in mind when designing the 1640E Skid Loader. Easily accessible maintenance points coupled with high-quality components, reduce down-time.

* A large engine cover and Tilt-back ROPS/FOPS allow access to daily maintenance points, as well as service access when needed

* A removable skid-plate cover located under the rear of the loader allows for easy clean-out and access to additional service points

* On both sides of the loader chassis runs a fully adjustable bow-tie chain drive system sealed in a continuous oil bath

* Heavy-duty, two-inch axles, pre-lubed at the factory and sealed with multiple lip seals, don’t require greasing or maintenance

  • Overall Operating Height - Fully Raised: 124.7"
  • Height to Hinge Pin - Fully Raised: 96"
  • Overall Height (to top of ROPS): 74.7"
  • Ground Clearance to Chassis: 5.9"
  • Overall Length w/ bucket: 101.4"
  • Overall Length w/o bucket: 75"
  • Wheelbase: 30.5"
  • Dump Reach at Full Height: 14.8"
  • Rollback at Ground: 23°
  • Dump Angle: 46.0°
  • Overall Width: 35.8"
  • Bucket Widths: 36"
  • Clearance Circle (rear): 43.2"
  • Clearance Circle (front, w/o bucket): 32.8"
  • Clearance Circle (front, w/ bucket): 58"
  • Seat to Ground Height: 34.6"
  • Rollback at Full Height: 100°
  • Dump Height: 72.3"
  • Departure Angle: 30°
  • Standard Specification Tire Size: 8.70 x 12
  • Make: Yanmar
  • Model: 3TNV82 Interim Tier IV
  • Net Power @ rpm: 24 hp @ 2400
  • Maximum Torque: 68 ft.-lbs. @ 1200
  • Displacement: 81 cu.in. (1.3)
Hydraulic System
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics - Standard: 10.1 gpm
  • High-Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics - Option: N/A
  • Filtration: 4 micron
  • Reservoir Capacity: 7.2 gal.
Electrical System
  • Battery: 12-volt
  • Starter: 12-volt
  • Alternator: 40-amp
  • Rated Operating CapacityB: 850 lbs.
  • Rated Operating Capacity with Optional CounterweightB: N/A
  • Tipping Load: 1,709 lbs.
  • Fuel Tank: 7.7 gal.
  • Travel Speed - Maximum: 5.5 mph
  • Travel Speed with Two-Speed Option - Maximum: N/A
  • Operating WeightC - Approximate: 2,980 lbs.
Controls Options
  • T-Bar Hand Controls Available: Standard
Engine Options
  • Engine Heater: Optional
Hydraulics Options
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics: Standard
  • Independent Hydraulic Reservoir: Standard
Operator Station Options
  • Cab Enclosure: Optional
  • Foot or Hand-Controlled Throttle: Standard
  • Heater: Optional
  • Horn: Optional
  • Integral Access Plate (Removable): Standard
  • Restraint Bar with Padded Armrests/Seat Belts: Standard
  • ROPS/FOPS Level II Overhead Guard, Integral Side Screens: Standard
  • Suspension Seat: Optional
  • Work Lights, Front and Rear: Standard
Performance Options
  • All-Tach® Attachment Mounting System: Standard
  • Anti-Vandalism Protection: Standard
  • Back-Up Alarm: Optional
  • Brake Control (Auto/Manual): Standard
  • Hydraloc™ System: Standard
  • Hydrostatic Drive: Standard
  • Lift Arm Support Device: Standard
  • Self-Leveling Lift Action: Optional
  • Zero-Maintenance Axles: Standard



Engine Type
3TNV82 Interim Tier IV
Engine Manufacturer
Fuel Capacity
7.7 gal.


Max Ground Speed
5.5 mph


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