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2009 New Holland Agriculture TT75A

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New Holland Agriculture


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3 Point

540 PTO

1 Remote

8 Forwad / 2 Reverse

Front Box

65 Engine

57 PTO Horsepower


Simple in design, tough on work, solid on value

TT-A Series tractors are part of a new breed of tractors-the new LEAN & MEAN Series from New Holland. LEAN & MEAN tractors feature reliable time-proven engines, axles and transmissions with controls and a price that are easy to handle. Four TT-A models range from 40 to 75 horsepower. These rugged models are perfect for first-time buyers, tight budgets or anyone who wants solid performance at a value price.

Biodiesel approved! As the biodiesel clean-energy leader, New Holland approves the use of farmer-grown biodiesel for all TT-A tractors. By using clean-burning, environmentally friendly, biodiesel fuel you contribute to:

Cleaner air from reduced emissions

Reduced imports of foreign oil

The creation of new jobs and a boost for the economy

Increased demand for soybeans and other farm products used to produce biodiesel.

Strong-running three- and four-cylinder engines are Tier II emission compliant and deliver fuel-efficient power to handle your tough jobs.

The simple, reliable 8 x 2 transmission features the added convenience of two synchronized shifts on the TT60A and TT75A for easy shifting when transporting and trailering.

Fast-response hydraulics supply power to the rear three-point hitch and optional remote valves and front loader.

The 610TL and 620TL front loaders turn a TT-A Series tractor into an efficient materials handling machine. They are designed expressly for the TT-A Series tractors and offer a 9.5-foot lift height.

Comfortable operator station features convenient controls, lots of legroom and a comfortable seat.

Visibility is excellent in all directions. The sloped hood and round fenders give a great view to the front. The fuel tank and muffler are tucked under the hood and a horizontal exhaust pipe is used, so there's nothing to block your line of sight.

Tractor servicing is easy. Just flip up the hood for fast, complete service access without removing panels or grills.

The fully independent 540-rpm Power Take Off (PTO) engages easily using the yellow lever to the left of the seat. Unlike the live PTO systems found on other economy tractors that disengage as soon as the clutch pedal is completely depressed, the TT-A tractor PTO is independent. It will continue to run equipment even when you press the clutch pedal to shift or make a turn.

The heavy duty 2WD front axle is designed for tough loader applications. Coupled with strong, cast-iron rear axles, the TT-A Series tractors are strong, well-balanced tractors that can confidently handle heavy implements for maximum productivity.

Optional FWD axle on the larger TT60A and TT75A models provides added traction in slippery and uneven terrain.

Wet disc brakes are effortless to activate and provide plenty of stopping power. Wet disk brakes run in oil to keep them cooler and extend brake life compared to the dry disc brakes found on other tractors.

Assembled in the United States, TT-A Series tractors are finished in the New Holland plant in Dublin, Georgia along with popular New Holland Boomer™ tractors.


You'll appreciate the reliable power and great lugging ability of the engines in TT-A Series tractors. These proven power plants are also fuel efficient and Tier II emissions compliant to go easy on the environment.

A heavy-duty, cast iron engine block and a dry-sleeve design provide longer service life than competitive wet sleeve engines, without the risk of coolant contamination.

A 16.4-gallon fuel tank (13.4 gallons for the TT45A and T50A) allows for long operation between fill-ups.


A simple 8 x 2 gearbox transfers TT-A tractor engine power to the ground. The constant mesh transmission utilizes the familiar "H" shift pattern with four forward speeds and reverse, similar to what is used on automobiles. It also has a hi and low range selector. Top transport speed is 19 mph, depending on tire size.

Four of the forward gears are in the popular two to eight mph working range.

Synchronized shifts (TT60A and TT75A) between gears three and four, and between gears seven and eight allow for convenient, on-the-go shifting. By synchronizing these shifts, you can pull out onto a road and make a quick, smooth shift into top gear when transporting. Many competitive tractors have no synchronized gears in their value tractor lines.

Shift levers are conveniently placed at your side for easy operation. The speed and reverse lever is located to your right and the high/low range lever is to the left of the seat.


The open center hydraulic system utilizes tandem, engine-mounted hydraulic pumps to ensure you have all the power you need for a variety of implements. Total tractor hydraulic flow is 19.3 gallons per minute (gpm) for the TT60A/TT75A and 17.2 gpm for the TT45A/TT50A.

The separate steering pump (7.4 gpm for the TT45A/TT50A and 8.5 gpm for the TT60A/TT75A) provides the flow needed for immediate steering response

A full 10.8-gpm implement pump (9.8-gpm on the TT45A/TT50A) maintains flow to operate the three-point hitch, optional rear remotes and loader.

The three-point hitch can lift 3,410 pounds (per OECD at the ball ends) for the model TT75A (2,930 pounds for the TT60A and 2,550 pounds for the TT45A/TT50A)-plenty to handle a rotary mower, a tiller or a round bale.

One or two rear remote valves are available as dealer installed accessories. Both remotes can be utilized even when a loader is installed.

A separate, joystick-controlled loader valve comes with the optional front loader.

Operator Station

A comfortable working environment is so important. The TT-A Series operator platform puts you at ease with controls that are simple to use and a seat that keeps you comfortable.

Wide steps, the convenient, fender-mounted grab handles and an uncluttered step deck make it easy to enter and exit a TT-A Series tractor.

The spacious platform provides plenty of foot room and legroom since the control levers are conveniently placed on either side of the seat. There are no levers sticking straight up from the floor to block your entry or exit from the tractor.

A deluxe contoured suspension seat adjusts to easily accommodate operators of various heights.

Visibility is superb, thanks to the sloped hood and horizontal exhaust, and that means you can operate comfortably and with confidence.

The clear, concise instrument panel is easy to read with analog gauges showing engine speed, engine temperature and fuel level. The hour meter display is digital.

Indicator lights inform you of:

Parking brake

Engine oil pressure

Turn signals


Battery charge


With a TT-A Series tractor, daily maintenance is a breeze-even if you are a first-time tractor owner. It's easy to access service locations to maintain these tractors in top running condition.

Engine oil check and fill are at one location that you can reach without even raising the hood.

One-piece flip-up hood provides easy access to the battery, air cleaner, and radiator. Simply release the latch and the hood opens with the assistance of a gas strut. No prop rod is needed to hold the hood open and there are no clumsy side panels to get damaged or lost.

The fuel tank is protected under the hood and is easy to fill from the ground or the operator platform.

  • Type: 4-cycle, diesel
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Displacement: 238 cu. in. (3.9 l)
  • Gross engine horsepower: 75 HP (56 kW)
  • PTO horsepower: 62 HP (46.3 kW)
  • Rated speed: 2,500 rpm
  • Fuel type: B20 Bidodiesel (meeting ASTM 6751 standards) and/or standard diesel fuels
  • Air filter: Dual element, dry type with cleanable outer element and replaceable inner safety element
  • Lubrication: Full flow, pressure lubrication with vertical mount spin-on filter cartridge
  • Oil & filter change interval: 300 hours
  • Starting aid: Thermostart
  • Exhaust: Hand and/or foot controlled
  • Emissionization standard: Tier-II
  • Fuel tank capacity: 16.4 gal. (62 l)
  • Base on standard tractor: 8F x 2R with 4 (2 synchronized) gears and 2 constant mesh ranges
  • Traction clutch: Dry, 11 in. (279.4mm) diameter organic plate
  • Forward ground speed: 1.9 mph to 19.0 mph (3 to 30.5 k/hr)
  • Reverse ground speed: 2.6 mph to 9.5 mph (4.1 to 15.3 k/hr)
  • Final drive / rear axle: Outboard bull gear / Flange axle
  • Rear differential lock: Mechanical foot pedal engagement
  • Service brakes: Individual mechanically actuated wet disc
  • Parking brake: Engage hand-lever, press brakes to engage brakes
  • System type: Open center, fixed displacement gear pump
  • System pressure: 2755 psi (190 bar)
  • Implement pump capacity: 10.8 gpm (40.5 l/min.)
  • Steering & services system: Hydrostatic power steering w/dedicated gear pump - 8.5 gpm (32 l/min.)
  • Total maximum tractor flow: 19.3 gpm (72.5 l/min.)
  • Optional remote valves: 1 to 2 open center, rear mounted, lever controlled; 2 valve open center loader control valve, joystick controlled
3-Point Hitch
  • Rear: Standard
  • Category: II, convertible to I with interchangeable balls
  • Position control / Draft sensing: One lever position control / Optional draft control, top link sensing
  • Lower link ends: Fixed
  • Stabilizers: Check chains
  • Lift capacity (OECD @ ball ends): 3,410 lbs. (1,546 kg)
  • Rear: Standard, w/flip-up PTO shaft guard
  • Clutch type: Independent, 11 in. organic plate, dry
  • Engagement: One lever, mechanical engagement
  • Speed: 540 rpm
  • Engine speed with PTO at 540 rpm: 1,967
2WD Front Axle
  • Track adjustment: 56.4 in. to 74 in. (1432 to 1879mm)
  • Maximum turn angle: 55 degrees
  • Maximum axle oscillation: 11 degrees
  • Steering cylinder & linkage: Contained behind main axle beam
FWD Front Axle
  • Track adjustment: 59.6 in. to 79.6 in. (1515 to 2022mm)
  • Maximum wheel turn angle: 55 degrees
  • Maximum axle oscillation: 11 degrees
  • Steering cylinder & linkage: Contained in main axle beam
  • Front differential lock: Limited slip
  • FWD clutch engagement: Mechanical lever
  • Alternator: 12 volt, 45 amp
  • Battery capacity: 800 cold cranking amps
  • Lighting: 2 hi/lo beam halogen headlights, flashing safety lights / turn signals
  • Accessory power outlets: Standard equipment, 7-pin implement outlet
  • Fuses: Automotive blade type
Approximate Shipping Weight
  • 2WD ROPS: 4,740 lbs. (2,150 kg)
  • FWD ROPS: 5,189 lbs. (2,354 kg)



Engine Manufacturer
New Holland
Engine Type
4-cycle, diesel
75 HP (56 kW)
62 HP (46.3 kW)
Rated RPM
2,500 rpm
Bore and Stroke
4.1 in. x 4.5 in. (104 x 115mm)


2WD: 84.6 in. (2149mm); FWD: 87.0 in. (2210mm)
94 in. (2388mm)
2WD: 4,740 lbs. (2,150 kg); FWD: 5,189 lbs. (2,354 kg)
Ground Clearance
16.9 in. (430mm)
Tire Size
Front: 7.5 x 16, 6PR (F2); Rear: 14.9 x 28, 6PR (R1)


Fuel System
B20 Bidodiesel (meeting ASTM 6751 standards) and/or standard diesel fuels
Fuel Capacity
16.4 gal. (62 l)
Constant mesh
Individual mechanically actuated wet disc
Open Center
Drive Type
Bull Gear